Plant Powered Oats

Need a little pick me up after a hard morning workout or a healthy and filling option for breakfast?  Then this recipe is perfect for you!  I created this recipe when I was running heaps and ALWAYS hungry!  To be honest the always hungry part is true whether I am running or not.

Top 3 reasons I LOVE this recipe

  1. It is SO easy!!
  2. It is full of fiber & plant based protein.
  3. It tastes amazing.


  1. (½) cup oats
  2. (1)  tbsp nut butter ( I use peanut butter)
  3. (½ ) banana 
  4. (1) tbsp chia seeds
  5. (1/2  ) tsp cinnamon



  1. Cook oats as directed ( this may vary depending on the brand)
  2. Add nut butter, cinnamon, banana and chia seeds
  3. Let stand for 2 minutes to cool & let the chia seeds absorb some of the liquid.
    1. Fun fact chia seeds can absorb up to 27 times their weight according to American College of Gastroenterology, so never eat them dry!


Benefits of each ingredient: 

Oats:  High in fiber that can help to lower “bad” cholesterol, and help to keep your digestive system regular.

Peanut Butter: A rich source of plant based protein that is also high in potassium.

Banana: High in antioxidants, vitamin B6, potassium and fiber! ( all of these work together to help our bodies function at their peek!).

Chia seeds: Rich in omega – 3 fatty acids that may contribute to an improvement of mood and memory .

Cinnamon: Full of antioxidants and anti-infmaitory properties to keep you healthy and fit.

Nutrition information

Kcals: 315 Protein: 10 grams Carbs: 49 grams Fat:10 grams



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