Yoga in Everyday Life

What if I told you, you could lessen inflammation in your body, improve cardio and respiratory health, and manage day-to-day stress in 14 minutes a day (no, it’s not a magic pill).

One word, YOGA!

Most of us think of yoga classes when I say Yoga; however, yoga is a way of life that incorporates breath control, meditation, and body postures for health and relaxation and not just a class you go to, so anyone can be a yogi.

I will give you a basic yoga routine that anyone can do and it only takes 7 minutes in the morning and 7 minutes in the evening.

Morning Yoga:

When you get out of bed, immediately drink 1 cup of water. This will get your muscles and body hydrated for the day.

  1. 3 minutes – find a wall and lay with your bum as close to the wall as possible. Put your legs straight up the wall with your arms straight out to your side. Start breathing deeply into your belly (you should see your belly rise with the inhale of breath)
  2. 2 minutes – Child’s pose. Focus on your breath into the belly.
  3. 2 minutes – mountain pose. Focusing on posture, standing up straight with your hips rolled forward, shoulders back, hands at your heart, and breathing into your belly. See the link below for proper form in a mountain pose.

All of these poses are meant for relaxation and to focus on breath, so you don’t need to push yourself to your flexibility limit. Let your body fall into place in these poses and focus on your breath.

Evening Yoga:

Right before you get into bed you will perform the routine above in reverse order.

  1. 2 minutes – mountain pose
  2. 2 minutes – Child’s pose
  3. 3 minutes – Wall pose

This routine is simple and takes 14 minutes a day. My challenge to you is to do this routine for 1 week straight and see if you notice any changes by the end of the week.

The big change I noticed was a physical change. My chest gets tight when I am stressed, and I have found this routine to alleviate that tightness because its starts and ends my day with calmness and focus really linking the mind and the body and getting rid of the outside stresses of life within my body.